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Our vision is to distribute solar lights to people without electricity around the world, to help improve their lives, reduce risk of burns and help kids have a way to do home work at night, and to work with Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, Friends of Rotary and the Community to share the light.

  • New Dimension – Provide lights to the half billion people that don’t have any lights at all.
  • Reduce Poverty – Replace existing kerosene lamps which reduces costs dramatically.
  • Increase Health – Reduce the harmful effect of the fumes from kerosene.
  • Reduce Fire Hazards – Reduce fire hazard in the home.
  • Enable Students – Provide the opportunity for study at night.
  • Educate People – In business processes
  • Empower Women – By creating greater gender equality and opportunities for women.
  • Empower Communities – By enabling them to run their own Micro- Businesses.
  • Low Cost – $15 per light (plus freight).
  • Cost Neutral to Rotary Clubs