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The Challenge

  • One quarter of the world’s population live without grid-connected electricity.
  • The World Bank estimates that 780 million women and children are breathing toxin-laden kerosene fumes, which is the equivalent of smoking two packets of cigarettes per day.
  • Kerosene lighting costs up to one third of the household income in many developing countries.
  • Kerosene lamps are the leading cause of household fires in developing countries.
  • Kerosene emits 2.76 kilograms of carbon dioxide per litre burned.

The Vision




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Our vision is to distribute solar lights to people without electricity around the world, to help improve their lives, reduce risk of burns and help kids have a way to do home work at night, and to work with Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, Friends of Rotary and the Community to share the light.

  • New Dimension – Provide lights to the half billion people that don’t have any lights at all.
  • Reduce Poverty – Replace existing kerosene lamps which reduces costs dramatically.
  • Increase Health – Reduce the harmful effect of the fumes from kerosene.
  • Reduce Fire Hazards – Reduce fire hazard in the home.
  • Enable Students – Provide the opportunity for study at night.
  • Educate People – In business processes
  • Empower Women – By creating greater gender equality and opportunities for women.
  • Empower Communities – By enabling them to run their own Micro- Businesses.
  • Low Cost – $15 per light (plus freight).
  • Cost Neutral to Rotary Clubs

The Lights

We offer a unique, affordable, lightweight & robust solar lights that are easy to use.
They provide 8 hours of light per charge.
Each light has two brightness settings and they can be clipped together in a panel when the lighting requirement is greater.

Light Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 9x9x2.5 cm, 140gms packaged
  • 3000 lights shipped per cubic metre
  • 6 LEDs produce 16 lumens; 12 LEDs produce 32 lumens
  • Robust triple function push button (off, half light & full light)
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Strong clip-together system to form a panel of lights
  • Lifespan – 2 years
  • Eight hours in sunlight will produce eight hours of light

Current Projects

  • RSL sells the lights to other Rotary Clubs, and they work with their own projects
  • Rotary Clubs take the lights and supply them to areas and countries of need.
  • It is a wonderful and rewarding to see the success of the lights around the world, as we work together


Rotary Solar Lights is a project of The Rotary Club of Sutherland (District 9675, NSW).
It is registered with RAWCS – Rotary Australia World Community Service.
RAWCS PROJECT 36/2011-12.
The innovator behind the project was the late Graeme Boler, a Rotarian with a Paul Harris Fellow + Sapphire recognition.
Graeme was passionate and he was determined to provide an environmentally friendly product at low cost to help disadvantaged people around the world.

We have a dedicated team running the project.
Pam and Karen (family of late Graeme Boler, both members of The Rotary Club of Sutherland), and other Rotarians from various Rotary clubs

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The Challenge

Read about the hardships faced by a significant number of people living in the modern world without the benefit of electricity.

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The Vision

Our vision is to distribute solar lights to people without electricity around the world.

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How Can I Help?


There are a number of ways you can help in the Rotary Solar Lights Project.

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Contact Us


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the ongoing Rotary Solar Lights Project.